The Perfect Diaper Bag Contents:

Posted On: 2010-02-11

There are several main items that need to be in your diaper bag at all times!  Review the list below for what I have found to be the most useful:

1 full footie pajama/outfit

2 Onsies

1 pair of pants

2 pairs of socks

6 Diapers (and a stash of 3 more somewhere else in the bag)

50+ wipes

Diaper Bag

2 Burp Cloths

1 Large Receiving Blanket

1 Small Receiving Blanket

1 Backup Binkie/Lovey

1 Bulb Syringe

1 Container of Gripe Water

1 Medicine Dropper

1 Age Appropriate Tylenol

Assorted Toys

This is all minimum.  Obviously many of us have children with different needs.  For example when my son was younger and had GERD I needed a lot more outfits and burp cloths.

Practical Point: consider keeping a separate traveling container for toys as they can be awkward and take up too much needed space for necessary items.