Second Pregnancy, Second Ultrasound

Posted On: 2010-08-18

The ultrasound to determine the sex of this baby was scheduled for Friday, August 13th at 4pm. I tempted fate by scheduling it on Friday the 13th but it was the soonest I could do it and be able to have my mom come. I say I tempted fate because I really wanted a girl and it would just figure if on Friday the 13th it would turn out to be a boy.

We arrived at the ultrasound place and were called back to a room where I lay on a bed and my mom, stepdad, and husband with Dylan could all sit around. The ultrasound tech was really nice, she got the measurements first because the umbilical cord was between the baby's legs (just like with Dylan when we tried to get to his area!)

Finally, nine minutes after we began the ultrasound the technician zoomed in on the three lines we were looking/hoping for... IT'S A GIRL!!! My mom and I both screamed in celebration and I'm sure the whole building heard us. I immediately posted it on my social networks because so many people were waiting to find out!

I explained to the technician about my MomVault website and how I do blog posts about events like this and product reviews. She was so nice to provide me with excellent pictures and even a 5 second video of the ultrasound! Needless to say I am on cloud 9. I just can't wait for all the pink clothes and accessories!!!

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