Second Pregnancy, First Ultrasound

Posted On: 2010-07-07

On Thursday July 1st I had my first ultrasound for this pregnancy. I was just a few days away from the end of my first trimester, feeling great, and excited to see what the baby looked like! During my first pregnancy I had just one ultrasound at 18 weeks so I had no idea what this baby would like at 12.5 weeks.

My friend Cass joined me for this visit, I had just recently went with her when she found out she was having a girl (See A Friends Ultrasound)! We were called back into an exam room where a male tech asked me to lay down. He proceeded to put a towel folded under my pants waistline so I wouldn't get goo on it. All the while he was very impersonal and didn't seem to be in a good mood which made this experience odd but oh well.

He began searching for baby but nothing identifiable was coming up on the monitor! THEN, he removed the wand from my belly and I totally thought he was going to tell me it was a hysterical pregnancy or something but instead he asked me to go empty my bladder! So much for not getting goo on my pants, lol.

The second attempt was much better and we immediately saw the profile of the baby! The coolest part was when the baby moved because it was so cute and undetectable to me. At this age they have uncontrollable spontaneous movement that look similar to hiccups. I am so excited and cannot wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl. In all honesty the first gut feeling I had when I saw the profile was that it is a boy but after looking at the print outs, the face shape seems more feminine...

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