Oatmeal Bath for Toddlers

Posted On: 2012-09-24

Oatmeal has incredible power to help moisturize skin and prevent itching. When my son had his allergic reaction to penicillin it was highly recommended by his doctor that he sit in oatmeal baths 1-2 time a day to help alleviate the itch. I looked it up and found that colloidal oats work best, it's basically oats ground into a fine powder but I had no idea where to get those.

I happened to have some quick oats on hand and after talking to a friend discovered that I could use the quick oats and put it in one of my knee high nylons. I put 2 cups of oats in the nylon, tied it to the spout and let the water pour onto it while the bath filled. It was perfect! The water was milky colored and smelled delicious.

We did many baths like this, I just wish I had known about it when my son had hand, foot, & mouth (aka coxsackie virus). Keep in mind to wash all toys thoroughly after each bath!


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