New Mom: Top 5 Things to Remember and Know

Posted On: 2010-02-24

1) You most likely will still look 6 months pregnant for at least the first week.

a. I lost 27lbs the first week, including the weight of my son and all the stuff that came out with him.

b. You will lose a lot of water and blood in the first few weeks.

c. You will most likely be wearing maternity clothes for the first few weeks still but then they will be too big and your pre-pregnancy clothes will be too small.  So… new wardrobe time!

2) It will most likely be pretty painful to sit.

a. You will be sore if you had any pushing regardless of whether you ended up having your baby vaginally or through C-Section.

b. Another painful possibility is a Vulvar Varicosity, aka varicose vein of the labia, aka popped blood vessel.  This can be a marble sized under the skin inflammation on the labia (or other areas) that will make it uncomfortable to sit. See Help! I just had a baby and it hurts to sit!

c. Another possibility is a broken, dislocated, bruised, or straightened tailbone.  This can happen in any position but particularly if you are flat on your back it is more likely to occur.  In my case I didn’t know I had this until my Vulvar Varicosity healed and it was still painful to sit.  There is a special cushion called a coccyx cushion that will help alleviate pressure on this region. See Help! I just had a baby and it hurts to sit!

3) You will pass blood clots the size of golf balls or bigger.

a. If you had a vaginal birth or attempted vaginal birth that turned C-Section you may or may not actually feel them come out and that will be quite a surprise at your next trip to the bathroom.

b. If you had a C-Section without pushing you will most likely feel the discomfort of the blood clot passing through.

4) You will need lots of rest!  This isn’t a lighthearted suggestion; it is necessary!

a. Nap when your baby naps, you will not be getting much sleep for the next 6 to 12 months so get in as much as you can now.

b. Try to arrange for someone to have your baby during his/her naptime so you can sleep uninterrupted during that time.

5) You should not be standing for long periods of time for the first couple of days and don’t lift anything heavier than your baby.

a. It’s best if you can wait a full week before you are running around and on your feet.  No joke, I know someone who had to have reconstructive surgery to move their organs back up into place because they were too active too fast after having their child.

b. Unfortunately lifting your baby in the car seat weighs more than just your baby so leave that for your spouse or friend to help you with for the first few days.

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