New Baby in a Two Story House

Posted On: 2010-02-03

2 Story HouseThere are several things to consider before you bring your baby into a two-story home.  The first cardinal rules for any new mom regardless of how the baby came out is to stay in bed, don’t lift anything heavier than the baby, and sleep when your baby sleeps.

In a two story home the kitchen and living rooms are typically on the first floor with the bedrooms upstairs.  This means that you essentially need to choose one place or the other to camp out for the day especially if you are on your own with the new baby.

Here is what I recommend: purchase two of whatever you need to make it through the day, one for each space that you will be spending time in.  The actual or a similar version of each item you will need for each floor.  It’s really important that you don’t have to lug around everything you need every time you need to change floors.  This will be the best investment you’ve every made trust me!