My Toddler Son's Purse

Posted On: 2011-12-07

As my son's imagination grows I am pleased to see him learn new mannerisms. Replicating behavior he sees is fun but also carries a great responsibility for parents to set a good example. While I was folding laundry he came running in yelling "My purse! My purse!" as he was wearing a goofy hat and carrying a leopard purse I had around for the kids to play with. At two-and-a-half, we have never really played dress up other than major holidays so I am excited for this new interest of his.

A few days later the purse came back into his playtime. He slowly but surely grabbed a few cars at a time and brought them to his purse and then showed it to me (while carrying it on his shoulder). Of course, it's adorable and there is absolutely nothing wrong him carrying a purse!

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