Learning About Owies

Posted On: 2011-03-16

When I was six months pregnant with my daughter, my son Dylan was 18 months old. While packing up to go somewhere I tripped on my front door's cement stairs, landing on my knees and hands. It hurt pretty bad and when I got inside and pulled up my pant leg I saw that I was bleeding pretty good. Before we left I washed it and put and band-aid on it.

The next day I had already removed the band-aid so it could scab over and Dylan happened to see it. I explained that it was an owie even though he didn't know what that meant so when he touched it I winced in pain and made a hurt noise. Unfortunately I was too good of an actress because he thought he really had hurt me and he began crying. I let him know that it was ok but again explained that it was my owie.

The day after that my husband's knee was visible and Dylan got upset and tried to cover his knee up with my husband's shorts! He had apparently thought that everyone's knees have owies if Mommy's did! That was his introduction to owies.

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