IMHO: Huggies vs Pampers Wipes

Posted On: 2011-01-17

BACKGROUND: Most parents start out with everything being hypoallergenic, unscented, and for sensitive skin. I started out with Pampers unscented wipes and thought they were the best ever until I bought a package of Huggies wipes.

THE STORY: My diaper bag needed a small, portable, dispensable wipes package. While at the grocery store I grabbed something quick so I'd have wipes on the go. I grabbed a package of Huggies and at first use I was thrown off by the scent because I had always used non-scented wiped. It wasn't so bad. Then when I wipes my sons butt for the first time I had an "Ah ha!" moment... the wipe works much better when it's thicker and doesn't stretch! Not only were the Huggies wipes thicker and less stretchy, I also ended up using a lot less per diaper change because of it!!!

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION: Huggies may not have the best diapers but they make a superior durable butt wipe over Pampers!


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