Google Plus Halloween Creative Kit

Posted On: 2011-10-31

This is an abnormal product review but it's a neat one! Google Plus is a social network that has many great features similar to Facebook and other social networks combined as well as unique features not available on the others.

For Halloween Google Plus added a Halloween Creative Kit that easily allows photos to be modified into something spooky, horrifying, or cute for Halloween. Using the hashtag #gplushalloween when the photo is posted on Google Plus will automatically enter the picture into the contest for best modified picture.

To be honest, at first I thought it wouldn't be very fun. I have used Piknik and Scrapblog as well as other websites that do this kind of photo editing/modifications but once I went in to play around, I really had a good time. I initially did a playful profile photo and made it really obvious that I had just played around with easy modifications. Then I got a bit more creative and had so much fun doing it.

This was so easy to do, the pictures look somewhat professional, and it has such a good variety of items to use that the opportunities are endless. I sincerely hope that they do this for all upcoming holidays.

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