First Bee Sting

Posted On: 2012-09-10

My son and daughter were outside playing in the water table which strangly attracts bees. We had been lucky so far that the bees haven't been too interested while the kids are playing in it but finally, disaster struck.

My son was out on his own while I dressed my daughter just inside the sliding glass door. I heard him say "Get out of my way bee!" and then a very loud shriek followed. My son had decided it was best to step on the bee for not getting out of his way and he was stung for the first time. That kind of scream though, makes any mom think they are going to see pools of blood when they reach their child. Thankfully there was none.

We did the baking soda/water paste on his bee sting and appropriately watched "Bee Movie" while we waited for it to stop hurting. Unfortunately the end of the stinger broke off and was lodged too deep in his skin to get out. A few days later we were finally able to remove it after a hot shower.

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