Cars 2 Event For Kids

Posted On: 2011-10-26

A few weeks ago my mom heard an ad on the radio about a local mall have a State Farm hosted Cars 2 event for children and immediately called me to see if I wanted to bring Dylan to it. OF COURSE! He likes the original Cars movie but hasn't yet seen the Cars 2 movie however I knew he would enjoy this.

We arrived and found a long line which we stood in for about 45 minutes. While waiting there was a guy that walked along and asked trivia questions about Cars and winners could enter a drawing. Of course, I knew all the answers but wasn't going to out voice the 3-7 year old group that was near us!

Finally we made it to the first table where they gave us a Cars 2 reusable tote bag with a coloring book. Then we moved on to a booth with a little plinko like wall where we all dropped a puck from the top, wherever it landed we received that item. My son ended up with a Mater and Lightning McQueen window decal and a bookmark... I really wanted him to get the beach towel but no luck there. Next we approached a table with bowls of key chains and magnets and were able to choose 2 magnets for him, again Lightning McQueen and Mater.

The final part was pictures in front of the main three cars: Mater, Lightning McQueen, and Finn McMissile. The professional ones they took of my son all turned out horrible, thankfully they allowed parents to take pictures too so that is what I did! I posted those on Facebook when I got home and several of my friends took their children the next day!

Overall it was fun to do and I'll be checking the local malls agenda's for the month for other free events like this for him to do!

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