Your Learning 2 Year Old

Posted On: 2011-06-08

Every few months I see a big increase in new words, more words strung together, and better comprehension of spoken words from me, in my toddler. Now that spring has (kind of) come, we are going outside and to parks more where it is opening up a great opportunity to teach him new things to identify.

For example, he knows what a flag is... and now I know where every single flag in our town is! Most of the time he says flag and I have to search his field of vision for it... then I think "why do they have a flag"?!? It's fun to explain to him.

Another thing we have been doing is allowing him to get right up in on what we are doing... from changing batteries to working on computers. He loves hearing what we are doing even if he doesn't understand everything we say or do.

Finally, we make sure he is involved with his little sister such as when she takes a bath. It not only helps keep him involved and out of trouble but it also reinforces the idea of taking care of her and others.