Bum Genius Odor Remover

Posted On: 2012-02-06

What is it? This is an all natural odor remover for cloth diapers, pails, and other items that have strong odors.

How does it work? I use this on my daughters cloth diapers once a month. After the diaper is soiled I spray each side of the liners and the shells inside layer and then wash as usual. It's handy to use when the diapers get a strong ammonia odor which is bound to happen eventually.

Cool Features: This product is non-toxic, biodegradable, completely free of chemicals, oils, detergents, perfumes and solvents.

Practical Point: This is not meant to be used on anything that will touch skin without being washed first so do not spray on the diaper before putting it on your baby!

Do I recommend it? Yes!

Quantity Recommended: 1 as needed

Age: 0+

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