Zumba - The Latest Exercise Craze

Posted On: 2010-04-21

Zumba is a fast paced but easy to learn repetitive dance exercise that is typically done to music with a good beat.  With just seconds between songs you are thrown into a non-stop hour-long session with what could be considered a drill sergeant and personal trainer combined into one... but they make it really fun!

My little sisters’ friend teaches Zumba at a nearby gym and in a hall north of me and I admit it, I fell into the Zumba craze in Fall 2009. This is my instructor Makesha to the right, click the picture to see her website! The first time I attended I wore the worst outfit possible: oversized shirt, warm baggy pants, and slip on shoes. I also forgot to bring water, a towel for the sweat, and was out of breath right away.

The Zumba classes I went to had dark rooms with mirrors along one side; this helps keep the focus on the instructor and keeps other people from looking at the baggage you are trying to get rid of. I felt really comfortable there despite my milk-engorged chest.

The moves vary and work out all different parts of your body and you will find that men and women of all ages attend and do ALL the moves :-) Don't be afraid of embarrassing yourself...if you must exercise in the back that is fine but I found that the second row was good for me because I picked up on the choreography fast.

I highly recommend Zumba as an exercise for before and after pregnancy, check with your gym as it might be included in your monthly membership fees! Bring water, good shoes, a towel for the sweat (yes you will sweat), and wear a supportive tank top with cotton pants or shorts that are not too baggy. Also try to find a friend that is interested in it too, that way you can go together and are more likely to go.