Wubbanub Soothie Pacifier

Posted On: 2011-04-04

What is it? This is a non-latex pacifier with a little stuffed animal attached.

How does it work? Just wash with a load of clothes, air dry, and begin using it!

Cool Features: I like that my baby can hold/hug the stuffed animal while using the pacifier. It's also designed to avoid clips and prevent it from being lost.

Practical Point: Just as these help keep the pacifier in your child's mouth it can also do the opposite! My daughter constantly used her arms to bat this away even when she wanted it. Also, you need more than one because it will fall in puddles and get dirty much faster than a regular pacifier.

Do I recommend it? Yes

Quantity Recommended: 2-3

Age: Birth+

I tried just regular soothies with my son but as soon as he would go to suck it would fly out of his mouth. I think this version would have worked wonders for him. It works very well for my daughter and I truly love not having to look all over the place for where the "binky" landed.

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