When It's Time To Wean

Posted On: 2010-05-05

When I became pregnant a surge of questions began going through my mind… just about anything I could possibly think of. I always knew I wanted to breastfeed but was unsure how it would go, if it would work okay and I didn’t know how long I could manage to do it.

On November 21, 2008 my husband and I had our first and only ultrasound to find out if everything was ok and if we were having a boy or a girl. It was a BOY! I was dumbfounded… I grew up with 2 sisters and know nothing about boys! Then to my horror over our celebratory breakfast I realized I had not prepared myself to breastfeed a boy. Lol.

We struggled in the beginning with latching and reflux which will be talked about in another post. I had small goals at first, breastfeed for 3 months, then it changed to 6 months, and thereafter it became easy for me see doing it as long as we could.

Shortly after my son’s first birthday he became very fussy at the breast, not wanting to latch unless we struggled and cried first. Then once he would latch, he would bite me. Unfortunately at the same time he wouldn’t take a bottle either, which was really concerning.

To make matters worse, I was unable to let down while pumping so I was running out of stored breastmilk fast. I spoke with his pediatrician and decided it was time to wean him and start on whole milk. On April 22, 2010 I purchased organic whole milk and gave him his first bottle as seen in this picture, as usual he ate the first ounce and then stopped drinking it. I then tried introducing it several more times in sippy’s and cups and he would just spit it out. I tried mixing whole milk with breastmilk but still no luck.

There are milk alternatives that I have been researching and found that Soy milk has a type of estrogen in it that is not good for boys, Rice milk has trace amounts of arsenic in it and in the quantity he needs it would be too much. Other alternative milks such as Hazelnut milk and Almond milk were high on the list of consideration to try but once I did a bit more research I decided on a combination of two alternative milks: Hemp milk and Oat milk.

Between the two Hemp & Oat milk’s Dylan will receive the protein, calcium, vitamins, and minerals that he needs. He absolutely loves both milks and the first sippy cup full that he drank was such a relief that I began crying...just so thankful that he was getting nourishment. Weaning is very hard and emotionally draining.

It took just a few days of early morning nursing before he completely weaned. He no longer wakes up in the night to eat, no more bottles, no more breastmilk. I am no longer wearing nursing bras or pads!