Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams Mobile

Posted On: 2010-03-08

What is it? It is a mobile that has marionette like characters that move in a circular motion from the mobile but also from gravity.  The mobile has different music selections and a light mode.

How does it work? As the three main green leaves are turned by the motor, the characters that are hanging by strings also shift as the center of gravity changes during the rotation.  There are two volume settings for 4 songs and a string of the 4 songs as an option as well as a mode that turns a light on.  The music plays for 20 minutes and then shuts off.

Cool Features: The mobile portion can be removed and the music/light part can remain in the crib for your standing baby to activate.  Also, it comes with a remote control for those times when you can't get baby to sleep by rocking but don't want to get out of the rocker to turn it back on.

Environmental impact:  N/A

Practical Point: Mobile’s are not necessary.  Most parents put their children to sleep in total darkness and/or the child is already asleep when they are put in their crib so it’s possible that the unit will only be in the way.  If you decide to get one just know that you can wait a few months until you are comfortable with your new expenses.

$$$ Savings:  This unit will last well beyond the recommended age because of the unique music base that can be used without the mobile.

Do I recommend it? Yes!

Quantity Recommended: 1

Age: 0-12 Months (Manufacturer up to 5 months)

I didn't purchase a mobile until my son was a little over 5 months old and wasn't going to sleep easily anymore.  I always use the same music (the top button) to put him to sleep so he could learn that when he heard it, it was time to go to bed.  My son just began standing up in the crib at 10 months so I no longer use the rotating marionettes; he can reach them and therefore the little stuffed animals with strings are a choking hazard now.  The base is still in the crib so when he wakes up he always starts playing a song :-)