Thoughts About Second Birth

Posted On: 2010-12-22

I am full term now and looking forward to meeting this little girl that is kicking me like crazy! The impending birth is making me...

ANXIOUS: Amazingly enough I am finding myself much more anxious than I was with my son and I'm not sure why. On the one hand I was working full time the first time so maybe that kept me distracted but on the other hand shouldn't I have been more impatient since everything was new?

SCARED: You would think that since I've been through the pain it would be easier to imagine this birth but really it has been the opposite. Aside from every birth being different, I know what the pain is like and I am kind of scared. I wasn't as scared the first time because I didn't know what to expect.

EXCITED: I am excited for this birth because I am planning it. Not everything will go as planned of course but I feel like it will be the birth that I want/wanted. Several things were not ideal with Dylan's birth but I was able to learn from that and I feel I have the right people, right place, and right ideas for this birth.

At this stage in my pregnancy I am:

UNCOMFORTABLE: Holy crap! I was NEVER this vocal about my discomfort when I was pregnant with my son. I am constantly talking about something that hurts, aches, or feels weird... and I am 17lbs lighter now than I was when I was pregnant with my son. The hormones are going crazy and making me have a great day one day and a horrible day the next.

SLEEPING WELL: For whatever reason I am getting better sleep this time without the aid of pillows. With my son I was using 5 different pillows and even then I wasn't sleeping well!

PHYSICALLY TIRED: Chasing after, holding, and lifting my 25lb toddler is becoming so much harder to do. Thankfully my husband is around to carry him up the stairs when we need to be up here and always greets us when we get home to help unload.

CRAVING SUGAR: I am craving sugar like crazy! I am making fudge, cookies, peanut butter balls, pretty much anything I can. I am actually getting tired of my sweet tooth not being satisfied and of course I don't want to gain weight or eat too unhealthily!

HEARTBURN: I have never had heartburn before this pregnancy which makes me hope she has lots of hair!!! It kicks in and out but recently I have had several days in a row where everything has given me heartburn including pizza, fudge, peanut butter, molasses etc.