The Family Bed

Posted On: 2011-03-02

It wasn't until I became a parent that I truly understood the family bed and attachment parenting. My son Dylan was born with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) which caused extreme fussiness and colic.  I tried having him in the pack & play next to our bed but he would just cry. By the second night, the only thing that would calm him down was to lay in bed snuggled up next to me. That's when it order for all of us to get decent sleep he began sleeping in our bed.

I was confident that I would stay in one position but my husband on the other hand flops all over the place. For this reason I always kept my arm around Dylan on my side of the bed and a pillow blocking my husband. It was frustrating because when Dylan was ready to go to bed for the night, I had to too.

He would nap during the day in his crib or in my lap on a boppy while I worked and at night sleep alongside me. By the time I became pregnant with our second child I knew we needed to get him in his own crib at night but for 3 months I tried and it didn't work. Finally when he was 15 months old he decided on his own that he didn't want to sleep with us anymore!

Now that my daughter Abby is here I have been using the Fisher Price Rock N PLay Sleeper next to our bed and it has been amazing! She sleeps in this for her naps and at night until about 4am when she prefers to snuggle with me while nursing... we both end up falling asleep. Overall, I don't think the family bed is for everyone but it works for us.

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