The Birth Of My Daughter

Posted On: 2011-02-09

Next thing I know my midwife says "Her head is out!!!" I couldn't believe it... no ring of fire, no specific additional pain, just all of the sudden I've already pushed out part of my baby! While we waited for the next contraction they checked her heart rate and it was dropping too low, I was told to get her out of there on the next push. Choosing not to let this scare me, I instead found new strength amidst the pain.

Each of my contractions came with three urges to push so with the next contraction I pushed out her shoulders, legs, and then a TON of water. The water splashed everywhere as Abby came out at 11:14pm. Abby was put on my chest, her face was very purple but other than that she was crying and healthy! I shouted "I DID IT!!! I'M DONE!!!" and then grabbed the phone to call my mom. She was sleeping and actually didn't know I was in active labor because she had gone to bed when I had tried to go to bed.

After I got off the phone with her I asked them to check to see if she was in fact a girl... and she was! I also inquired about the umbilical cord length because Dylan's had been so short he had to be placed on my lower belly. Thankfully hers was a normal length! I lay there continuing to have contractions while we waited for the placenta to pass.

The umbilical cord was cut by my husband and blood was collected from it to test Abby's blood type. I am O- with RH- status so I had to get the RhoGAM shot at 28 weeks and if Abby's blood was O+ like her dad, then I'd have to get the shot again within 48 hours. As it turns out, both of my kids ended up with my husbands blood type.

Abby didn't spend much time in the birth canal which prevented fluid from exiting her lungs. The solution... breastfeeding! She latched well on each side for about 20 minutes and was given a great apgar score. My midwife and her assistants weighed her in at 8lbs 4oz and 20 3/4" length.


Part IV will be next Wednesday!

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