The Best Teething Ball EVER!

Posted On: 2010-02-01

Teething BallWhat is it? It’s a teething ball that has soft knobs protruding from the center.

How to operate it? Baby can both easily grasp and gnaw on the knobs to satisfy teething pains.

Cool Features: It’s vanilla scented and it squeaks!

Environmental impact: N/A

Practical Point: This is very similar to a dogs toy so be sure you set boundaries with your dogs and/or keep it away.  I have had the misfortune of one getting chewed up by the dogs.

$$$ Savings: Free 2-day shipping if you sign up for Amazon Prime.

Do I recommend it? – YES

Quantity Recommended: 1 or 2

Age: 6 months+

I really like this teething ball and so does my son.  It's refreshing that it smells nice even after washing.  The only pet peeve I have is that I cannot attach it to his stroller or carseat using the links he has.  If he throws it and I don't see, it could be easily left behind.