Taking Away The Pacifier

Posted On: 2011-04-06

In mid-February I began keeping my son's binky during the day and only giving it to him if he got hurt, asked for it, or was going to sleep. I did that because he had another surge in words he was trying to say and the binky was getting in the way. We were afraid it might impact his speech significantly so whenever he tried to talk while it was in I would say "I don't understand, can you take your binky out?"

It wasn't until March 5th that I took this picture of my son playing tug-of-war with our dog Gus and thought to myself "He is way too big to have a binky". My husband and I had been talking about taking it away for some time but it was so important to him and with the new baby we didn't think it was a good time yet. Also, he transitioned to a toddler bed on March 1st so that was still new as well.

I did it anyway.

I took it away on March 5th and surprisingly enough without much protest. The first 3 or 4 times I tried to put him down for a nap or bedtime he would ask for his binky and I would reply with "all gone, binky is all gone" and he wouldn't ask again. When he hurt himself he also asked for it but I just grabbed his blanket and talked him into a distraction. After just 6 days he completely stopped asking for it! It's odd that something that he has had since he was just a few days old could be let go so easily. (Compilation Picture- Upper Left: 2 weeks, Upper Right: 6 months, Lower Left: 12 months, Lower Right: 18 months.)