Strathwood Anti-Gravity Adjustable Recliners

Posted On: 2010-07-02

What is it? A folding and reclining outdoor lounge chair.

How does it work? Just sit in it, press back and the seat will move as a whole unit to recline to the position you desire.

Cool Features: There are locks under each arm so you can keep the chair in the position you like. Also, it folds really flat for storage! It comes in a variety of colors!

Practical Point: Do not leave this out in the rain! It is possible for rain water to get into the frame and then when you recline the rusty water will start pouring out on each side and stain your deck or patio. Also this lounge will NOT rest flat so this is not the best candidate for a tanning chair since you can only lay on your back!

Do I recommend it? Yes!

Quantity Recommended: 2+

Age: Teenagers/Adults

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