Staying At A Hotel With A Toddler And Infant

Posted On: 2011-05-11

For the first time since before my son was born, our family stayed a night away from our house. I spent most of the prior day writing out a checklist of all the things we'd need and added to it as I thought of more essentials. This made it very easy to pack. Since my husband had left the night prior I ended up packing my items, my 2 year old son's, and my 4 month old daughter's items in the same travel tote bag.

After getting everyone packed and in the car we started out on our journey north for a little more than an hour. It was a short enough trip that we didn't need to make any stops! We checked in, grabbed something to eat and found different things to do.

The main thing I was dreading, and for good reason, was the nighttime routine. I knew that this trip would either be seamlessly successful or very bad. It was very bad.

We had dinner at Red Robin but there were several social events going on in town including a prom or dance so it was packed. Every little delay was putting me on edge as my toddlers bedtime came and went. Additionally, it was nearing time to nurse my daughter again and while I don't mind nursing in public, I'd rather nurse her in a discrete location like our hotel room, which was just a few minutes away.

We got back to the hotel around 8pm and immediately did diaper changes and had a pajama party. I nursed my daughter while my son used the last of his energy jumping on the bed. I then tried to put my daughter to sleep on the couch's fold out bed but she kept fussing. I decided to read the books I had brought to my son to see if her hearing my voice would help calm her down. It didn't. I finished reading the books and tucked my son into the main bed with my husband.

She continued to cry... uncharacteristically. She has had real tears just 4 times ever but they were streaming out and I was worried about her cries waking up other people trying to sleep in adjacent rooms. I walked her around, checked her for possible allergy symptoms (maybe a reaction to the detergent on the bedding), I tried nursing her for comfort and nothing was working! To top it off this was keeping my toddler awake! EEK!

Finally, something randomly changed and they both were asleep around 9:45pm. I was finally able to get myself ready for bed and go to sleep though it took at least 1.5 hours to fall asleep in that uncomfortable bed. My daughter woke up just once to nurse and my son slept through the night. Well sort of.

I woke up just after 5am to my toddler jumping out of bed with his blanket, running to the door while saying "hung-ee, hung-ee", and opening it! Darn those easy handles! Thankfully we had the top lock thing secured so he was only able to open it about 3". I of course woke up as soon as he jumped out of bed and was right after him even if he had been able to open it and escape.

We were up for the day at that point. We had a continental breakfast, packed up and were on our way back home!