Spiderman's Busy Day

Posted On: 2011-07-06

For the first time ever my son expressed interest in diapering something other than himself. I walked in on him trying to put a diaper on his blow up Spiderman so went along with it. All of the sudden everything was about caring for Spiderman.

Shortly after the diapering, Dylan informed me that Spiderman had pooped but I told him he didn't because he wasn't on the potty (how's that for inadvertently trying to get my toddler potty trained). Then I noticed he had put Spiderman in his little sisters bouncy chair which I didn't get a picture of because I hadn't quite caught on to what was happening.

Once I saw that Spiderman was going for a ride in my daughters walker I had to take pictures. It was just too cute to see him treating Spiderman like his little baby. The highlight of the night was when Spiderman had a time out in the spot where my son normally has to sit during time outs. He clearly told Spiderman to "Say sorry [to] Abby" after he was done with it.