Second Pregnancy

Posted On: 2010-05-12

Finding Out: This past Friday we learned that I am pregnant with my second baby! We weren’t trying but weren’t necessarily trying to avoid getting pregnant either; in fact we had discussed wanting a summer baby and I was about to go back on birth control until September/October but the plans have changed.

We are both excited and are reminded constantly about the first affects of pregnancy: prego brain, foods I can’t eat, and other restrictions on activities. It’s kind of surreal to be doing this all over again but I’m excited to welcome a new family member to this clan.

Of course, as much as I wanted to wait to tell everyone it is very hard news to conceal. Everyone was informed on Mother’s day… just 2 days after we found out ourselves, which is probably the best day to give such news anyway. 

Higher Risk: This pregnancy will be a higher risk pregnancy because I have a warm antibody that attacks healthy red blood cells which in turn lowers my iron levels too much. During my first pregnancy I had to take 3 prenatals daily and get monthly blood tests to check my iron levels. This is not the typical anemia experienced frequently in pregnancy though.

My blood type is O- and I have an RH- status which means I have to get the Rhogam shots as well. The second pregnancy for an RH- status automatically is higher risk because more antibodies are present to potentially attack the fetus if our bloods ever mix. The Rhogam shot is meant to lower the amount of antibodies to help prevent this kind of attack.

Symptoms: So far I am feeling quite well. The first symptom I recall is being hungry very soon after eating, I am also getting tired earlier at night. No morning sickness yet but it still might be too soon. The sore breasts are interesting because it feels similar to mastitis but it’s definitely manageable since I am not having the other symptoms. Of course I shouldn't fail to mention my absent mindedness!

First Appointment: My first midwife appointment is on May 27th and I will find out my official due date then. I believe the due date will be January 8th, 9th, or 10th but that is just what the internet told me ;-)

This is exciting for MomVault too because I will be able to share my progress and be able to provide even more content for my fellow expecting and already parents!

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