Sassy Ultimate Wedge Sleep System

Posted On: 2010-03-15

What is it? This is a wedge that helps keep your infant positioned on their back and at a slight incline.

How does it work?  Just place your infant with its arm pits above the two positioning sides, one side expands for a better fit. 

Cool Features:  This wedge is portable and can be used while playing with floor toys that involve kicking.

Environmental impact: N/A

Practical Point:  This is small and portable, you can literally bring it anywhere to create a clean surface for your baby to lounge. This can be used anywhere including: bed, crib, floor.

$$$ Savings: N/A

Do I recommend it? Yes!

Quantity Recommended: 1-2 depending on your childcare situation

Age: 0-7months

I originally purchased this because my son had reflux (GERD) and it was supposed to help having him at an incline but I found the incline was not steep enough and it didn’t help after all.  HOWEVER, I used it when he was playing with kicking toys so he could see what he was doing better.  

I also ended up making it a permanent fixture in my bathroom until he was 7 months old.  Even though he learned to roll over and move around 5 months, he didn’t realized he could roll out of this wedge pillow until 7 months so I had some less-stress showers for quite some time!

This wedge can also be used in the family bed/cosleeping situations to keep your baby in one place… I think we all create a gravity well that baby can easily fall into if we aren’t careful so this presents a good opportunity to prevent that from happening.