Play Wonder Tunnel and Tent

Posted On: 2010-05-10

What is it? This is a pop up tent and tunnel.

How does it work? Just take out of the storage cases and they pop up!

Cool Features: The tunnel has velcro that has dual use: it helps store it while collapsed and also attaches it to the opening of the tunnel!  It's also really neat that it has the breathable blue mesh that also allows you to see through it.

Practical Point: This will provide hours of fun for you and your children, these can be easily taken anywhere such as the beach, camping, to grandma and grandpa's, etc. Pets even like it!

$$ Savings: I found these at Target for $15-$20 each, not a bad price for something that will last a long time.

Do I recommend it? YES!

Quantity Recommended: 1 of each

Age: Crawling+