Organic Vanilla Flavored Animal Crackers

Posted On: 2010-04-12

What is it? Animal Crackers

How does it work? Open the container, put animal cracker in your mouth!

 Cool Features: These are Vanilla flavored, bigger than typical animal crackers, Organic, and Winnie The Pooh characters!

Environmental impact:  These crackers contain organic and unprocessed products as well as Non-GMO Soy (Non-Genetically Modified Organism). The container is not only recyclable but is mean to be repurposed for storage of something else!

Practical Point: I love these crackers and typically eat them right along with my son. You'll be surprised by how fast 4lbs of these crackers will go and it's a great addition to a birthday party! If you don't have a Costco near you email me and we'll see what we can do!

$$$ Savings: Buying these from Costco will save you money over buying Barnum brands in other stores.

Do I recommend it? YES!

Quantity Recommended: At least 1 container at time!

Age: All Ages!