Operation: Clean Out Pantry

Posted On: 2010-04-23

Today’s blog isn’t a recipe, but it’s still about food.  Since April 9th I have been trying to only purchase necessities from the grocery store and minimize eating out in an effort to save money and ultimately clean out my refrigerator, freezer, and pantry.  The main items I have purchased include staple items like butter, milk, eggs, bread, fresh produce etc.

Even though I didn’t start this until the 9th, I have only spent 28% on food compared to March.  This will mean I can make an extra payment on something this month! I suggest you also try this! 

Several other things have been discovered from this experience so far:

1)   I had 2 bottles of BBQ sauce that expired in 2008 and one in 2009.  I’m really not sure how that happened because we use BBQ sauce a lot!

2)   It’s forcing me to find creative meals from what just looks like a bunch of food parts.

3)   I happened to watch Food, Inc. on the 11th and since then I absolutely cannot eat a burger from McDonalds.  I tried twice and almost threw up so it's much easier to not eat out these days.

4)   I am eating more fresh produce, which is good and I think a lot of us find it hard to keep it in our diets. 

Will you try this challenge?