Nuby Sippy Cup

Posted On: 2010-05-14

What is it? A sippy cup with a silicone mouthpiece.

How does it work? The lid has a plastic ring that you insert the silicone mouthpiece into and screw that onto the cup portion.

Cool Features: It's a much nicer design as opposed to having the small and very losable sippy valves. Downside: the lid can be screwed on wrong very easily and the child can easily move the silicone part and allow leakeage but I'd rather have a cupboard full of these than deal with other sippy's.

Practical Point: This is just a good sippy to have because it's easy to find the pieces and get it together quickly. 

$$ Savings: Check your local Target or baby store but also it's available online with Amazon Prime.

Do I recommend it? YES!

Quantity Recommended: 4+

Age: 9months+