Naps Are Not Just For The Kids

Posted On: 2011-06-22

My almost 6 month old daughter now wakes up to nurse just twice a night, first around midnight and then again around 4am. I typically nurse her in a chair for the first one but by the time the second (or third) comes around I am way too tired to do that so I nurse her in bed, something I never did with my son. We both get sleep that way and it's very comfortable.

My 2 year old son has been waking me up in the 5am hour every day for the last 10 days or so and it's causing some real issues for me during the day. I am way too tired. Despite trying to go to bed around 8pm-9pm I am still not getting enough sleep.

A few days ago it finally hit me that I needed a nap, so I went to lay down and of course forgot that I was washing our sheets and didn't have the bed made. After fixing that, I laid down only to have my daughter wake up shortly after my head hit the pillow. It was too bad too because I was so comfortable and I was totally going to be able to sleep. Oh well, better luck next time!