My Favorite Burp Cloths

Posted On: 2010-02-08

Burp ClothWhat is it?  These terrycloth burp cloths are 10”x13” and have a regular cloth backing.

How does it work?  These work really well, the terrycloth absorbs the spit up faster than any other burp cloth I have tried. 

Cool Features:  The terrycloth helps to catch the spit up so it doesn’t just roll down the burp cloth like have experienced with other burp cloths.  The colors and designs are also nice.

Environmental impact:  These are reusable and machine washable.

Practical Point:  Try purchasing the same color/design if you order more than the first pack of 4.  As busy moms we don’t always get a chance to put the clean laundry away, so sticking to one color will help you find one fast and easily out of the dryer or laundry basket. 

$$$ Savings:  Hopefully by providing this review I have saved you money on purchasing all the burp cloths that just don’t work.

Do I recommend it? – YES

Quantity Recommended: 8-12+

These burp cloths are really a life saver for us!  Dylan had GERD so bad from 0-6months old that it resulted in weight gain issues and colic because he was spitting up so much milk.  These were absorbent, the right size, and good color patterns.  I tried out 4 other types of burp cloths before I decided these were right for us!