Music Can Be Calming

Posted On: 2010-04-07

Dylan had a GERD until about 6 months old when it began to taper off. We would always encounter at least one bout of colic like crying and being upset every day. When the usual remedies like rocking, walking, nursing didn’t work we tried music.        From the very beginning I played songs for Dylan on my computer and put my iTunes visualizer on full screen. I played these during times that he was content that way if he became upset I could play the songs and the visualizer and he could focus on that instead of the pain or discomfort he was experiencing. He quickly began to recognize the songs and look around for the visualizer!

Below is Dylan’s current playlist:

            The Hampster Dance Song by Hampton The Hampster

            Obsessed by Mariah Carey

            Outer Space by Ronald Jenkees

            Disco Duck by Rick Dees

            Rhythm Is A Dancer by Snap!

            Axel F by Harold Faltermeyer

            Group Techno Mix by AC-DC, Bon Jovi, Def Leopard,

                    Guns’n’Roses, Metallica, & Nirvana

            The Picard Song by DarkMateria

            Stayin’ Alive by BeeGees

            Circus by Britney Spears

There is a story behind most of these songs but for the record, Daddy introduced Mariah Carey… the Britney Spears was me but it’s because I listened to that CD a lot while pregnant with him.