Little Superstar Jammin' Band

Posted On: 2010-04-26

What is it? The Fisher-Price Little Superstar Jammin' Band Musical Microphone is a musical toy with a drum, microphone, keyboard, guitar, moraca, and tambourine.

How does it work? Every instrument is touch activated except the microphone which is voice activated.

Cool Features: Where do I start... it can be short for infants/sitters/crawlers and extend taller for standers/walkers/toddlers. The microphone actually works and has two height settings.

Practical Point: The sing along songs are not annoying and make it fun to interact with your child while they play with it.

Do I recommend it: YES! It is the one toy that I constantly change the batteries!

Quantity Recommended: 1

Age: Sitter-Walker

Below is a video captured on 4/21/2010 of my son playing with this toy!