Little Boutique Cherry Blossom Wall Decal

Posted On: 2011-03-28

What is it? This is a wall decal of a cherry blossom tree!

How does it work? Just peel off each decal and place on the wall!

Cool Features: The product allows you to determine just how many flowers you put on the wall and where which creates a unique end result. Some of the cheaper decals I have purchased fall off the walls or are easily picked off. These however are staying on very well, not a single one has fallen off!

Practical Point: 87 stickers is a lot to put on and take off so be sure you are up for the challenge before you get started, I recommend putting the branches up first followed by flowers on the inside reaching outwards away from the branches.

Do I recommend it? Yes!

Quantity Recommended: 1

Age: Birth+

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