iPlay Super Spiral Play Tower

Posted On: 2010-09-24

What is it? This is a toy that comes with a penguin and two different sized balls that travel down the spiral and a frog that goes down the tower!

How does it work? Just place the penguin or balls at the top of the spiral or the frog in the center of the tower. The frog will make a noise as it goes down and then you release him from the dungeon by pressing the big yellow button, which dings when it is pressed.

Cool Features: Because the two balls are different sizes they shuffle into different bays at the bottom every time. The penguin is caught before the balls are so it always goes in its bay.

Practical Point: This is a quieter, non-battery operating toy that will get a lot of use. The only possible downside is that the parts can easily get lost but that's something that happens with most toys.

Do I recommend it? Yes!

Quantity Recommended: 1

Age: 18 months +

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