Iplay Peek-A-Boo Bag

Posted On: 2011-06-27

What is it? This is a bag designed to help your toddler search and find different objects.

How does it work? Just shake, move, and poke to find different objects.

Cool Features: The list of objects is detachable from the back of the unit and printed on cloth so won't wear out like a paper list would. There are three different versions available and most adults won't put it down for at least a few minutes if they come across it... it's seriously hilarious. If you buy it you'll see.

Practical Point: This is GREAT for car rides as it is very portable and keeps them distracted. You can easily remember the common objects so it's easy to ask them to find something in it without having to take your eyes off the road. This is also a great birthday gift for toddlers.

Do I recommend it? Yes

Quantity Recommended: 1-2

Age: 1+

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