IMHO: Video Baby Monitors

Posted On: 2010-12-13

TODAY'S IMHO: is about video baby monitors.

BACKGROUND: As most of the MomVault viewers know, I take many pictures and videos of my son. I also have a 365 Day Blog that I manage and publish a daily picture of him and/or activities we do. It may come as a shock though to know that I have always only had an audio baby monitor; one without video.

THE STORY: A friend recently sent me a link that exposed video baby monitors as being really easy to tap into and watch from a neighboring house or car using another video baby monitor. The main points of this realization is privacy because conversations can be overheard on the monitors, perpetrators because they might figure out your schedule based on when the baby is in the crib, and finally preditors because you never know who is living or driving nearby and watching your child. The story targeted only video monitors even though the audio only monitors can be listened to as easily, which I think is a much bigger concern over video footage of a baby laying in its crib.

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION: A video monitor is not necessary to watch over your little one but even if that is what you have chosen (or received as a gift), it's not that big of a deal. Cordless phones have forever been on frequencies that are tappable by neighbors whereby similar, if not more information can be figured out.

´╗┐The story can be found here: Could Your Baby Monitor Compromise Your Privacy?