Posted On: 2011-01-03

BACKGROUND: Today in society we are on camera all the time, everywhere we go. It's also no surprise to see a camera during the happiest moments in people's lives including their engagement, wedding, new cars, all the first's with children etc. If you think about it, all of these events are personal accomplishments that don't directly involve the workers at the time you take the pictures. In other words, you aren't taking pictures of the person selling you the engagement ring or the car salesman writing up their paperwork... so why would you take a picture of medical professionals delivering your baby?

THE STORY: Recently more and more hospitals have choosen to limit or outright ban the use of cameras and video cameras during the child birth process. I can only assume the main reasons include liability and safety. Liability because someone might take a picture or video that could be later deemed negligence or something going wrong and safety because camera equipment (tripods mainly) and people holding cameras get in the way of the medical professionals while they are working. Once they have made sure they baby is ok (typically 5 minutes after being born) the pictures and video can be used.

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION: It's the bonding after that baby is born that matters most, not the pain and painful faces we make while bringing them into the world. Let the professionals do their job without being distracted by flashes, equipment, and people. It sucks to not have pictures of the birth process but at the same time who's really going to see those pictures or that video footage? How many times do you watch your wedding video or share it with friends?