IMHO: Munchkin Snack Catchers

Posted On: 2010-08-16

New Type Of Blog Post: As you know, I have been doing product reviews twice a week on Mondays and Fridays. What you might not know is that I have only done reviews on products I have purchased or were gifted to Dylan. I am now running low on products to review and would like to take this opportunity to start a new series today called: IMHO: <Subject Name>.

IMHO stand for "In My Humble Opinion" and the blog post will be about anything random that happens that I have an opinion about. I think it's a great compliment to my Real Life Experience posts and Product Reviews. It might take me a few posts to get a good format down so please be patient! Suggestions are always welcome so email me! _________________________________________________________________

Today's IMHO: is in regards to the Munchin Snack Catchers that I purchased back in March. While they have been great and work to the standards I expected, I was shocked when I discovered how many germs accumulate on these!

THE STORY: I keep this snack container in the food bag that I bring with me everywhere we go and never store snacks in it because it's so open to air. Stale or soggy snacks are no good so it's strictly used when Dylan wants to be on-the-go while snacking outside the house. I decided I should probably run it through the dishwasher and loaded it in there.

After 2 days we had enough dishes to run a full load (I'm doing an energy challenge so running it partially full would violate my commitment). As I bent over to fill the detergent something caught my eye... it was the snack container covered in mold!!! Not just one mold but every kind and color of mold you can imagine: red, black, green, fuzzy, hairy etc. I was shocked! Who would have thought that something you only keep dry foods in would get so bad! Makes you reconsider your cold cereal containers too!

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION: This snack container should be washed with hot soapy water and/or ran through the dishwasher after EVERY use. It takes some of the convenience out but just imagine what kind of germs could be on yours!

End Result: This one was tossed in the trash, I am not about to risk using it again.