IMHO: Monsters, Inc.

Posted On: 2010-12-06

TODAY'S IMHO: is about the movie Monsters, Inc.

BACKGROUND: Before a friend of mine moved away, she let me go through her sons DVD collection. In it I found Monsters, Inc. among several other movies that I had not seen before and thought my son would like as well... I had no idea how much though!

THE MOVIE: Monsters, Inc. is about monsters that live in their monster world that is powered and fueled by the screams of human children. The Monsters, Inc. company employs monsters in a warehouse where childrens closet doors are brought in, activated, and then open up into the room of a human child. The goal is to scare as many children as possible because there is a predicted scream shortage. The main characters get in trouble when a child escapes their room and into the monster world.

My favorite quote is when Sullivan explains to the little girl that her monster, named Randall, won't be coming through his closet door to scare her. He opens the door and says "See, there's no monster in here..." as he steps in and then he quickly says "Well... now there is!"

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION: Monsters, Inc. is one of those kids cartoon movies that has the perfect combination of adult and child humor. At this point I think it is my sons favorite movie and it is the first movie that he can watch without being bored and that also doesn't contain real human characters.