IMHO: Maternity Clothes

Posted On: 2010-09-27

TODAY'S IMHO: is all about maternity clothes design fails.

THE STORY: I learned several things while shopping for maternity clothes while pregnant. The first was that the maternity pants with the stretchy top that practically rests under your boobs is super itchy. Not only that but the fabric falls down while your shirt rides up. The second was that I needed to purchase the size that I would normally be, not what I think I am. For example, me non-pregnant would buy a medium shirt and therefore a medium maternity shirt but during my first pregnancy I purchased all extra-large shirts. I didn't actually know about this little fact until this pregnancy and I'm happy to say my clothes fit way better this time!

Speaking of the shirts... this is where my opinion comes in. For whatever reason, the designers think two things about pregnant women: 1) we want to show off our breasts and 2) our heads are bigger. I say these with complete sarcasm. As an already larger breasted woman, I don't care to show them off any more than I did prior to pregnancy... did I mention I am a 36G right now? So I end up having to layer my clothing which makes me hotter than I already am due to the increased blood in my body from the pregnancy. 

For whatever reason, the head openings are much larger on maternity shirts as well. I was shocked to find so much more of my shoulders exposed as I don't really prefer wearing shirts like that. Once again, I am destined to wear undershirts to actually feel comfortable wearing maternity clothes.

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION: Designers need to rethink the designs of maternity clothes to make them more like women want them, not how they think they would want them.