IMHO: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Posted On: 2010-10-18

TODAY'S IMHO: is about grilled cheese sandwiches!

BACKGROUND: It is a never ending battle to figure out what to feed my growing toddler. One day he likes one thing, the next he is throwing it on the floor or spitting it out. It's no secret that toddlers are mini tantrums waiting to happen so it's nice to know I have SOMETHING to feed him that he likes and is not really horrible for him. I recently could not get my son Dylan to eat the peanut butter/butter or peanut butter/honey sandwiches and decided to try making him a grilled cheese sandwich instead. 

THE STORY: Instant success, he ate four bites of the sandwich the first time and I ate the rest. It was such a simple thing to make and tasted so good to me that I started to consider making myself my own sandwich because I didn't want to share it! Eventually he began eating most of the grilled cheese sandwich and I did need to make my own in addition to his.

The best part is that I purchased American cheese in bulk from Costco and a big double loaf of a bread as well. I finally go through a full loaf of bread in a week and use the bread that has been frozen before I forget how long ago I purchased it. I feel like I am saving money, time, and effort all over the place!!!

For some reason we always hear about college students eating a cup-o-noodle everyday because it's cheap and filling but you don't hear them say anything about making sandwiches. This is probably because they don't realize just how easy and cheap it is to make a grilled cheese sandwich!

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION: Grilled cheese sandwiches should be known as the budgetable, toddler friendly food!