IMHO: Getting Some Alone Time

Posted On: 2010-09-20

Today's IMHO: Is all about the primary caretaker taking time to themselves to do something they like or want to do.

THE STORY: I have been a stay-at-home mom all year and have recently started enjoying a few nights a month away from the house and my son to do things I like to do. This is time I can specifically dedicate to anything I want to do and I choose to meet up with friends and go to a local craft store for its late night scrapbooking and late night sewing classes.

The 'classes' aren't specifically for education or learning, though there are plenty of people there to give opinions and input, but it's meant to be a place where you can bring your craft projects and work on them on large tables. There is also the convenience of being able to go downstairs into the store and purchase anything that you might end up needing for your project.

To the left you will see a sample of a scrapbook page I recently completed and below to the right a picture of Dylan checking out the blanket that I made over several months!

Anyway, I have also met other stay-at-home-moms at these classes and have had great discussions about local things to do on the cheap with my son so it has been very valuable time for me!

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION: All primary caretakers need designated and routinely scheduled alone time.