IMHO: Depend Briefs

Posted On: 2011-01-31

BACKGROUND: Bleeding after birth is unpredictable and overwhelming. Most of us hate 'that time of the month' as well and don't prefer to wear pads because they are bulky...tampons aren't exactly an option yet. I've had all sorts of issues with pads ranging from placing them just wrong and/or having underwear that is too loose which is really annoying. This is where Depends come in as the ultimate solution!

THE STORY: I bled heavily for 7 weeks after my son was born and roughed it out with my maternity underwear (which had been stretched to accommodate my pregnant body) and super absorbent night time pads that were really thick. Ultimately it was not comfortable at all and I worried about leaking on our furniture because there was so much blood. I had an underpad on the furniture wherever I went.

I am barely spotting now after having my daughter less than 4 weeks ago. The method I chose this time was to wear Depend Briefs. I wore Depend with an extra liner in it for the first 7 days after my daughter was born and just could not believe how comfortable I was! They fit well, didn't leak, and were easy to manage. Gone are the days of carrying around an underpad to sit on!

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION: Depends briefs are the best solution for post-partum bleeding!