IMHO: Crocs

Posted On: 2010-10-11

TODAY'S IMHO: is all about Crocs, the rubber shoes that became a big hit years ago.

BACKGROUND: I never did understand why someone would want to wear rubber on their feet and then glamorize it with jewels and do-dads. Even though I have never worn crocs, I was happy to see my son receive a pair so I could see how well they truly worked. I figure if anything there are no laces, no velcro, easy to slip on and off ergo, perfect for a toddler. I was wrong.

THE STORY: First of all they are very wide shoes. The strap can be either worn as a decoration to the top of the shoe or used as a heel strap to keep the shoes on. The strap ends up being slightly too small though for an easy fit so I found myself struggling to get it over my sons heel.

After one full day of wearing these crocs I was astounded to find my sons feet drenched in sweat and an all too familiar manly foot odor along with it! Obviously not everyone gets sweaty feet but because my son does, he will not be wearing crocs again.

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION: Crocs are not what they are cracked up to be. I say skip them and get real sandals or shoes.