IMHO: Creating A Baby Registry

Posted On: 2010-08-30

Today's IMHO: I have never had a good experience with BabiesRUs but I decided to do my registry there this time anyway. Last time they weren't removing purchased items from my registry and were ridiculous about getting the furniture in.

THE STORY: This time I went with a friend who had already started her registry but needed it cleared out because she is not having the boy she thought/wanted to have. To start, there was just one “expectant mother” parking spot available because the parking lot was so packed but I was thankful for it since we both had our toddlers with us. I let my friend use my stroller and had my son in a shopping cart when we walked up to the registry desk.

After standing there for a few minutes we were asked what we needed. They didn’t have me in the system anymore which is fine, I filled out the one page paper with the basic information they ask for including a password for going online to edit the registry. We sat there for a good 10 minutes while the one person there helped other people and, I guess worked on our stuff. With two wiggling toddlers and both of us being pregnant I wasn’t sure why they would be so inefficient with this process... not to mention my friend’s registry had already been started and it took just as long for her to get her scanning device.

I looked behind the person helping us and saw that there were 7 other women/couples already out doing the registries because their gift bags were all spread out there waiting for pick up. I couldn’t help but wonder why they wouldn’t have more staff for this section of the store...they had cashiers just sitting around. Argh.

MORE OF THE STORY: Finally we got our scanners and worked on our registries. We spent the most time and added the most items in the clothing section because for crying out loud, girl clothes are so adorable!!! I actually could not find a girls bedding set that I liked so I might need to look elsewhere or not be so picky!

After we got done and returned our scanners we had to sit and wait for that same one person to help 3 more expectant mothers/couples before we could get our registry cards for baby shower invitations. For real... my friend’s little girl was asleep in the stroller but my son couldn’t get comfortable in the shopping cart and was fidgety. I walked over to the customer service and asked if someone over there could help us seeing as there were two people there not doing anything but unfortunately the stupid cards had to be printed on the computer at the registry desk. We finally got them and left.

Ugh, at this point I just wanted to go home and edit my registry before people started looking at it. To my dismay, I could not log on using the password that I had provided at the store. I used the “forgot my password” and used the temporary password to login but then when I went to edit my registry it asked for my logon information AGAIN. This time it didn’t like my temporary password or the one that had been set in the store. So again, I used the “forgot my password” link and waited for the email... This is what I received:Yeah, a blank password?!? (I blurred my registry number) Thankfully they had 24/7 customer service and I was able to get my password reset but how crazy is that? After reviewing my registry I noticed that NONE of the clothes I had scanned to my registry had pictures. My thought... who’s going to walk around looking at tags to match the description on my registry? FAIL! I am removing all the clothes from my registry because there’s no point in having them on there if people can’t see what they are looking for.

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION: BabiesRUs, a company that specializes in baby/toddler items and registries, needs to rethink its daily operations and get a smoother, more enjoyable process down for all comsumers that walk through its doors.