Posted On: 2013-11-12

I've always wanted to be a mom. After having my son I really wanted to have a girl so I could do everything pink and glittery! Waiting for my daughters hair to grow out so I could play with it was going to be tough too but would be really fun once it did; if she allows me to of course.

That's the thing, it's her decision. I feel the same way about her ears. Before my daughters were born I had decided that I would not pierce ears for several reasons:

- Most importantly, it's her body, her choice.

- Comfort, I don't like wearing earrings to bed but infants/toddlers/etc would have to keep them in to keep the piercing open.

- Infection, I don't need another reason for my baby to not feel good.

All in all I think ear piercing is strickly a way to decorate your girl in a very permanent way. If you have a girl that is mistaken for a boy frequently you can dress her differently, put headbands on her, etc. There's no need to mutilate her body until she decides she wants to.